Te Pahu School

These pages are full of information for new and current parents of our school. 

Information about the general day to day running and rountines we follow, through to how you can join in and support the school.



Te Pahu School is a full primary school, nestled on the northern  foothills of Mt Pirongia, 25 kilometres southwest of Hamilton, and 23 kilometres northwest of Te Awamutu.  The school is situated in a rural locality, although a good proportion of parents commute to work in the immediate urban centres.  Te Pahu School participates in sporting and cultural activities with nearby schools in the Lower Waipa Area.  Some curriculum activities such as technicraft, necessitate the transport of pupils to the nearest urban facilities.  This is made possible due to a supportive parent body.  Te Pahu School is an integral part of a very strong community and the use of its amenities by the residents is encouraged. 

Please feel free to contact us at the school office if you have any further questions.


or phone 07 8259849, fax 07 8259842

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