It was cool and there was snow on Pirongia Mountain. The creamy white snow came dancing down from the clear blue sky. It was very cold. I lost feeling in my toes. Anton Drnasin

How much colder can it get. A blanket of snow covering the mountain. It’s like a waterfall of sleet is trailing down Pirongia Mountain. The drinking fountain water is so freezing. How much more colder can it get. It felt like our toes were falling off and our shivering lips were turning purple. How much more colder can it get. Deegan Begovich

Brrr its cold today. Mount Pirongia stood tall with green face paint and white poker dots. The leaves on the trees curled up like moles in their holes. Brrr. Snow covered the mountain like icing on a cake. I see dancing pieces of snow scattered on top of the mountain, pure snow. Fantails in the forest built little snowmen out of precious snow. It felt like I lost my nose. Oh how beautiful Mt Pirongia is today! Martha Newland

Mt Pirongia stood tall with the sun reflecting off the snow, constructing a beautiful sensation all over my body. A shivering blanket of snow took over Mt Pirongia’s vast forest. The trees curled up their leaves as the freezing cold took over. A pure white lake appeared on the mountain. My toes were so numb it felt like frostbite. The powerful sun melted the fragile snow like a hokey-pokey ice-cream. Jack Edger


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