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Room 7 has a Te Pahu Challenge. Throughout the year our class will conquer our fears, work hard and complete the challenges. There are 10 Te Pahu Challenges (TPC) this year for our class and at the end there will be a extension group who get chosen to climb to the summit of Mt Tongariro

There are two challenges we have to complete throughout the whole year, and those are 20 hours of community service and a new hobby. Just recently though, on the 18th-19th of March we completed challenge 3, 4 & 5!

The 3rd challenge was to build a bivouac and sleep a night inside it. The second was to spend 45 minutes in a cave. The third was to rock climb up a, well, rock! Part of the rock climbing was to abseil through a gap in the rocks.I thought challenge 3 was awesome. It was really cool building our bivi's with the resources we were given, 3 tarpaulins, 4 ropes & 2 pegs. Thanks to Paula who snuck us some extra ones!  In our group, we put lots and lots of dead ferns underneath our floor for insulation but  the sticks were hard on my back even with my roll mat and I didn't get a very good sleep which I really needed!

I loved the caving. It was so much fun! I liked it when we all had to turn off our torches and climb, with Kate and Nardene guiding us, and slide down a wet muddy rock. We spent ages almost knee deep in water trudging happily through the muddy cave and on the way back we had to crawl under the rock with just enough space for us to put our heads out of water. We came out of the cave covered in mud and saturated. I found out that the waterproof shoes I wore weren't much use. I also really enjoyed the rock climbing. A lot of trust went into the belayers who were the other kids from my group, but I managed with a bit of difficulty to get to the top of two big rocks. That was my first time ever climbing on real rocks and it was really cool to have that experience. The abseiling was a bit scary. I had a couple of practices on the practice rope but the real thing was creepy because it was hard to get my balance once I was on the wall. I managed to get the hang of it just as I started to reach the bottom. I found out that you had to really trust yourself with the rope which was the part that made it scary! We couldn't have done the caving or rock climbing without Kate Parr and her friend Doug who know lots about rock climbing and abseiling. Also thanks to Nardene Berry and Warren Lewis for taking their time to help us with these activities. I guess I can't forget of course to thank all the parents/caregivers who came and made our camp way more fun! Thanks! We had a great time on camp, doing a lot of other things such as the morning run which some of us did, the campfire, playing touch, doing the limbo and also walking to the tallest native tree in New Zealand.

I really can't wait until the next challenges, horse riding, skiing/snowboarding, a polar bear dip (mid winter swim), climb Mt Pirongia and a 7 km challenge. I am going to try everything and give it my best shot because I want to make sure I'm on Mt Tongariro.       Taylor