On the 25th of April it was ANZAC day. Daniel and I, Bradley, went to the ANZAC day parade in Te Awamutu.

 We were nominated to represent Te Pahu School at the parade. Our job was to lay the wreath at the cenotaph in memory of the fallen ANZAC soldiers who fought for our country and our freedom in world war one and two. It was a wet and cold day and the Te Awamutu Cadets laid the wreath for us to keep things going smoothly. Before the schools laid the wreaths the living soldiers who fought for us and New Zealand laid their wreaths in honour of the soldiers who had died. St Johns Ambulance Service and the Red Cross laid their wreaths as well. As we waited to lay the wreath it started raining heavily. Mrs Chettleburgh came with an umbrella, though.

We should all be thankful for what the soldiers did for us.

Daniel and Bradley


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